Pick the ride that suits you
on the nation’s fastest energy refuel solution.

Whether it’s the coolest, most stylish, or the most futuristic, you can find your perfect ride from Powered by Gogoro Network™ vehicles.

Stylish, convenient, and super smart,
A new generation of electric scooters.

Say good-bye to range anxiety and the wait to charge.
Powered by Gogoro Network™ vehicles gives you the convenience of battery swapping, and extends your trips in just 6 seconds.

Gogoro 3 Delight inspired from the flowing movement of the magic moment. Ride comfortable. Ride beautiful.
Step into the Ai-1 Comfort+ zone with lightweight rims, lowered seat height and CROXERA for functions that will take your riding comfortability to the next level.
Combining classic design with innovative technology and fashionable outlook, Ur1 provides the extraordinary riding experience.
Gogoro VIVA is the world's first Ultralight Smartscooter®. Live bigger. Ride smaller.
Designed by Yamaha Japan, manufactured by Gogoro, a masterpiece of vehicle technology and industrial design that shouldn’t be missed.
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Enjoy the smart electric scooter experience in different styles from different brands, all on the Gogoro Network™, the world’s biggest smart battery swapping platform.
Ai-1 Sport
Ai-1 Comfort+
Ai-1 Comfort
S Performance
Gogoro 2 Series
Gogoro 3 Series

Powered by Gogoro Network™

Powered by Gogoro Network™ are smart electric scooters running on Gogoro Network™. They are the vehicles of the new generation.