5% Cashback with Selected Credit Cards

5% Cashback with the selected credit card

Enjoy 5% cash back by paying your battery subscription fee with the Gogoro Megabank co-branded credit card. Paying through the Gogoro® website, the Gogoro Network® website, the Gogoro® App or the Gogoro Network App.

Special Offer Detail Cashback Cap Offer Expiration Date Note
Gift to purchases Make 5 purchases and at least NT$666 per purchase. NT$ 799 Before 2019/12/31 Purchases need to be made within 45 days after is the card approved.
Cashback 0.5% Unlimited Before 2019/12/31 General purchse
0.5% NT $200 / Month Before 2019/12/31 E-bill application
0.5% NT $100 / Month 12 months after approval Successful automatic bill payment
1.0% NT $500 / Month Before 2019/12/31 Selected retails ( Gogoro physical and online stores / National and international online stores )
Total: 2.5% * Limited to only bill payments made at physical locations.
Cashback on Gogoro Network batter subscription fee 5% Unlimited Before 2021/7/31 Limited to payments made with Gogoro App or Gogoro Network App / Authorized automatic bill payments. ( Exclude bill payments made at physical stores. )
Others Referrals by card holders Additional NT$ 500 credits Before 2019/12/31 Earn NT$500 credits by joining the referral program. Learn more.
* Description marked in red: Offers available for first-time applicants of the card.
* The table is for reference only. All the latest offer details can be found at Mega bank official site.

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Notice is only available in Chinese. Translation below is provided by Google Translation for your reference only.

  1. The transaction within the credit card limit of the installment transaction is not applicable to the temporary limit or the transaction exceeding the permanent limit.
  2. The principal payable for each period (hereinafter referred to as “amortized amount per period”) is divided into 12 periods, and the average amount of the transaction is divided into one period, and the remaining amount that cannot be divisible below the yuan will be included in the first period. . The amount of the amortization in each period will be settled on the second instalment after the cardholder's consumption instalment.
  3. The “Amortized amount per period” of this activity will be included in the minimum amount of the instalment of each period, and no revolving credit will be used. If the current period's principal is overdue or not paid in full, it will be refunded. After the reversal of the principal balance of the instalment, the interest of the instalment period is charged according to the revolving interest rate of the Bank (the value date is the current payment deadline) and the overdue fee. The sales order for each period of the amortized amount is after the fees for each interest, before the “general payment”.
  4. The installment payment transaction is paid by the Bank to the special store at a time, and then included in the cardholder's bills in accordance with the respective installment period and installment amount. If there is a refund for related goods return or service cancellation, the cardholder should first contact the special store for settlement. If it cannot be resolved, the Bank will negotiate the terms in accordance with Article 14 of the credit card agreement. The handling procedures are handled.
  5. If the cardholder has deactivated during the period of instalment payment (including general suspension, forced suspension, loss of compensation, expiration, etc.) or if there is any violation of the terms agreed by the credit card, the automatic installment discount can no longer be applied. The amount of each installment is deemed to be fully due.
  6. The percentage of the year in which the advertisement was disclosed is calculated according to the standard calculation example prepared by the competent authority. The actual conditions are still subject to the products provided by the bank. And the actual annual percentage of each customer will vary depending on individual products and personal credit status. The calculation of the annual percentage of the total cost is based on December 14, 2007.
  7. Mega Bank and Gogoro reserve the right to modify, change or cancel this activity at any time, and have the right to interpret or decide on all matters of this activity and to implement it after the announcement of the Bank of Credit Card and Gogoro official website.